Calling In the Help

Successful people surround themselves with successful people. Memorize that first sentence because it is a fact. Success comes from learning, and who better to learn from than those who happen to be successful.

Unfortunately not all portions of our society are taught that philosophy, resulting in sticking around like minded people. Or better said, staying within our comfort zone. There are lots of motivational sayings I could use to demonstrate the point, but truth be told moving outside of a your comfort zone is actually a difficult leap. Here is metaphorical example. You are familiar with the path you are on, but that path requires many unknowns. Imagine walking blindfolded down a path you are familiar. We want to believe we can walk familiar paths, even blind folded, by ourselves, but inevitable with time, changes happen; rocks roll or branches break into the path, and that is when you realize you need some help.

One person is just one person, and with the exception of very few people, running a business requires the knowledge of more than one person: A person who knows bookkeeping and can run analyses reports, show you a vast array of how to improve productivity; Someone who understand technology and how to incorporate local marketing from the white noise of the internet; An individual who can help you meet your goals be streamlining processes that make sense and achieves your goals.

A business coach like myself, can help you hone the skills you need, because unless you harness all those skills plus the passion you have doing what you love, you need to accept that bringing in the help has only one objective: helping you succeed.

Calling In the Help
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