My background is in Business Communications with a graduate degree in Counseling and Psychology.  Unlike other types of Business Coaches, I am able to fuse a customer focus both internally and externally to help your business grow or simply to improve in acquiring new customers.

In short here is what I do.

I evaluate, recommend and help develop systems that will improve your small business based on your specific goal(s).  I am NOT your typical consultant.  I know through experience most business owners know or have learned about best practice standards, but like most, simply do not have the time to learn or execute those types of standards as part of their day to day work.

You know the saying, “not one shoe fits all.”  That is my philosophy.  In stead of team building or nonsensical exercises, I specialize in listening, instead of “trying” to tap into potential, and actually work for you in finding workable real solutions that can:

  • Improve your relationship with existing customers
  • Acquire new customers
  • Keep and find the best subcontractors
  • Increase employee skill sets
  • Develop internship programs
  • Review and Improve business systems
  • Provide conflict resolutions
  • Improve customer services